Floral Friday – What is it?

I confess I do not know what this flower’s name is. Before its name becomes important you must appreciate what it is. I can’t help you smell it or touch its texture, but you can make the visual inquiry. What do you see?  shape…symmetry, organization, numbers…

If I tell you its name (assuming I knew it), the tendency is to drop it and move on. Sometimes a name becomes a hindrance to examination. Once we know a name, we assume we know and cease our learning. Give it your own name based on what you observe. Expand your curiosity, The created world is a wonderful to behold, always expanding on closer examination.


15 thoughts on “Floral Friday – What is it?

  1. Jazz Jaeschke

    Applause for your philosophy – naming (categorizing, distinguishing, isolating) can interfere with enjoying the vast diversity of beauty Nature offers. I’d call this Lacy Grace.

  2. Eliza Waters

    Labels can distract from really seeing things as we would a child. I try to see things anew as often as I can. Being a horticulturist, labels pop unbidden into my mind! Camassia 😉

  3. the Ordinary Hiker Post author

    Camassia…that’s a mouthful for such a pretty flower. I’d like to hear some kids give it a name after taking time for a good look. It’ll always such a good feeling to know that there is still something new (to me)to be found out there.

  4. AmyRose🌹

    Good for Eliza! She of anyone would know the name of this flower. I on the other hand just see the beauty and often times have to cheat and look at the flower ID tag to see what the name of the flower is. LOL Great shots! 🌹

  5. tippysmom2

    Great post. I had never thought about it, but you are correct. If I know what a flower is called, I often overlook the details and just think, “Oh, that’s a daisy.” But, if it is something I don’t know or haven’t seen before, I pay much closer attention. Interesting insight.


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