Monthly Archives: May 2015

Broken = Beginnings

The broken bird egg shell on my front porch told the story. My expecting moments no longer had to wait. The young robins were arriving, each struggling to make their appearance. Three were out before I caught on, but I was able to chronicle their beginnings with welcome breaks from my Memorial Day weekend gardening. Another new life is welcomed.Expecting Five Robin Eggs Broken And Then There Were Two Come on Little Buddy The Beginning Hungry, Hungry, Hungry, Hungry, and Hungry Five Little Robins Sleeping in the Nest

Spring Rains – Pop Go the Mushrooms!

I walked out the door to capture some low light photos from the flower garden. This mini forest of cap mushrooms greeted me at the front step. There is more beauty in the garden than just the flowers.

I’m not sure if these are technically macro shots, but I’m excited to see what I could do with my kit lens. Each shot represents an experiment. Photos are as is off the camera. You’re feed back will be instructive and helpful.

Thanks for taking a look!