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Spring Azure

Another Wordless Wednesday


Floral Friday – What is it?

I confess I do not know what this flower’s name is. Before its name becomes important you must appreciate what it is. I can’t help you smell it or touch its texture, but you can make the visual inquiry. What do you see?  shape…symmetry, organization, numbers…

If I tell you its name (assuming I knew it), the tendency is to drop it and move on. Sometimes a name becomes a hindrance to examination. Once we know a name, we assume we know and cease our learning. Give it your own name based on what you observe. Expand your curiosity, The created world is a wonderful to behold, always expanding on closer examination.

CFFC Blue and Purple Flowers

Looking back through last year’s spring, summer and fall flowers, I found these unused gems to meet Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

for this week. Some of these photos are the earliest pictures I took after receiving a camera last spring. It is kind of fun to go back and see how I started out.

Floral Friday – Chicory


Chicory brightens up the roadside through most of the summer. Simple in form, seemingly a reflection of the summer blue sky. It’s rugged, hanging on to its woody stem  in stony ground and tossing winds. This bloom survived the trail mower and earned a spot in the light.. Enjoy the last hardy flowers of summer and have a nice weekend friends.

Hanging on like the chicory, I’ve been blogging with Snap Shot now for 6 months. Today I was informed that I’ve received my first 1,000 likes. Thanks everyone for lookng in and enjoying my Snaps along the way

ROY G BIV – Weekly Photo Challenge

The Weekly Photo Challenge  ROY G BIV allows me to use a few spring flower photos taken this year. Spring flowers gave me a subject to focus on while learning to take photos all over again, transitioning from film to digital. Its opened up a whole new world of fun.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy.

Watching the Clouds Go By

A moment – a whole walk in the woods – of first spring warmth plops you onto to the trail bench to watch the clouds float by.  The soul calms and aspirations rise carried on by the freshness of an early spring sky. Afloat

spring Sky to Dream By

spring Sky to Dream By