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For me it was a bridge not taken

Careful! The Bridges You Cross

Careful! The Bridges You Cross

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.”


18 thoughts on “Careful the Bridges You Cross

  1. Sabiscuit

    That is a beautiful bridge. I would be nervous all the way across. This is a great interpretation of the theme. The two misplaced boards certainly communicate the need to be careful going across.

      1. makingcamp Post author

        I wouldn’t mind strapping on the snowshoes for a good hike, I’ll have fun with whatever comes way:) I’m thinking it will challenge photo creativity as well, it’s all new to me yet

    1. makingcamp Post author

      Thank you. Some pics illustrate a story, with this pic, I thought maybe a thought could be communicated by a picture. I bet there is a story or two to go along with that little bridge 🙂 Thanks to have you look in.


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