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Floral Now and Then


Nov, 2015


Nov, 2015

Last Sunday i found a bloom in a warm spot that evaded the morning frost. a return trip a couple of days later found these buds nipped, fooled by a sun spot. Six months ago I found these spring wildflowers, something to look forward to six months from now.



A Love Trio

Two hands, two grand kids and you have a love trio. Many combinations are available. All that is required are open hands and creating a moment in time, something in which grandparents excel.


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A Floral Friday Now and Then

I was fortunate enough to find this Yarrow (I think) flowering last weekend. A nice find for Mid November. Below, six months ago, (or six months from now) I was learning how to use my new camera and was experimenting with this Cinquefoil. Enjoy the flowers and have a wonderful Friday. God Bless.1-DSC_00211-DSC_0001


What is there to take pictures of on the trail. I enjoy hiking the trail this time of year and my camera journals my treks. But this is the grey season, so my eye is being put to the test along with my months old photography skill.

I decided to slip on the 20mm macro ring Saturday and see what I could create with the lens. Or in the case of the Sumac berries I snapped, what I found.

Victory Climb

I grew up spending weeks of my summer climbing Lake Michigan sand dunes. Last summer I accepted the challenge, shortly after my 59th birthday of dunes climbing once again. With my Montana grown son-in-law, who is seeing such a sight for the first time, I huffed and puffed to the top.  Actually I felt pretty good, I regularly hike and bike, but my joints did register quit a protest. A satisfying personal victory.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Victory.”

Warren Dunes Climb

Warren Dunes Climb

Warren Dunes View from the Top

Warren Dunes View from the Top