11 thoughts on “Perseverance

    1. makingcamp Post author

      It was a lot of fun, and a learning experience. We had the pleasure of releasing 15 this year. It’s especially fun for the little ones a those of us still a kid at heart.

      1. makingcamp Post author

        There population is down so we can help. But it us fun for kids to see. They eat only milkweed and so the eggs or caterpillars are easily found, fed, and raised. With clean cages and food source we can help prevent predation.

      2. Yalakom

        I see, that’s very interesting, I didn’t know it was so simple. I’ve heard their numbers are declining indeed. Are you raising them regularly? That’s a great initiative 🙂

      3. makingcamp Post author

        We have done a few each year. This year students and others kept adding to our numbers. We gave a few to others to enjoy. As long as there is young milkweed to be found to keep them fed…that’s the biggest effort.

      4. Yalakom

        That’s fantastic to initiate children to nature conservation, hopefully for a brighter future. Are you a science teacher or professor? I believe butterfly populations to be low around Paris were I live at the moment, I don’t see many at all…

      5. makingcamp Post author

        Nope :), I’m a retired youth camp director. My wife teaches first grade, and we pass our curiosity on to our grand children now. Check out the about page.

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