They’re Here!

And its gonna get loud. The 17 year Cicada, last seen and heard in the summer of 1999 is creeping out of there sub-terrain to have a breeding party.

This article from the Columbus Dispatch gives you an overview.

I was nine years old the first time around. Dad took me along to make a delivery that took out into the country south of Canton, Ohio. I remember being terrified as these big creatures crashed into our windshield. I moved out of state  by the time the second round came around. But for the third emergence, I was training staff for summer camp. The incessant noise annoyed the senses, especially trying to communicate while in the woods. Like any other novelty, it quickly gets old.

Here we go again. A local radio station announced that May 23rd was emergence day. I found these at the base of a big oak at the towpath’s Zoar Valley Trail today, in the rain…


11 thoughts on “They’re Here!

      1. lorigreer

        I remember one summer when the toads at a nearby pond made a loud racket at night. It made it hard to sleep with the windows open!

  1. TextileRanger

    We have the annual cicadas here in East Texas, and they are already out this summer. I have some Mississippi Kites hanging around, presumably eating the cicadas. Too bad for them that they don’t know the bounty that is there in Ohio, but I am glad to keep them here and watch them every day. 🙂

  2. tippysmom2

    They can be very annoying. The last time they emerged here in TN people were sharing recipes for cooking and eating them. No thank you. Not unless I am starving. Yuck! Hope you can still enjoy your summer evenings.


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