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Macro Monday Moth

This beauty constantly was on the move. I used my stalk and shoot method of closing in as close as I can before it takes off. One step and shoot. It made for a fun moment on the trail. Enjoy, thanks for looking in.

Ctencha virginia

Ctencha virginia

Flower Friday

Since flowers seem to be at the focal point of my wanderings I’d like to contribute to the Flower Friday Tag.

Most of my shots are from wandering hikes, but these Black-Eyed Susan’s from my wife’s flowers made for capture worthey of a summer day. Are they the official flower of summer? Certainly the icon of summer floral beauty.

Enjoy, Thanks for stopping by.

Summers Official Flower?

Summers Official Flower?

ROY G BIV – Weekly Photo Challenge

The Weekly Photo Challenge  ROY G BIV allows me to use a few spring flower photos taken this year. Spring flowers gave me a subject to focus on while learning to take photos all over again, transitioning from film to digital. Its opened up a whole new world of fun.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy.

Spring Explosion