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Mamma Snapper


Mama Snapper

Egg laying time for mamma snapper

This Snapping Turtle is making a mighty contribution to the food chain. Eggs will be served up for raccoon, skunk, squirrel, and a great host of willing natural diners. A nest will consist of a buried deposit of 25 or more eggs which will take up to 75 days to hatch, if they make it that far. After hatching they continue to contribute to the local food chain as a predators delight. Its no wonder the survivors are know for their fierce demeanor.


Hair to Spare (kinda)


Snapper Venturing Out to Lay Eggs

Looking for something spare this week for the weekly photo challenge. This snapping turtle came up out of the old canal bed (Zoar Valley Trail, Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail) looking for some soft ground to lay her eggs. Her toupee was not fooling me.


 Snapper Hiss