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Snow Topped

Cotton Top

Wordless Wednesday


The Thrill of the Capture

Looking back over a year of photos is the thrill of the capture and the agony of delete. Each week, photos are culled, choices made and posted. Thinning the selection even more poses quite a challenge. I thought this year I’d chose an even 2 dozen. This year I decided to enter 3 photo exhibitions and stretch myself and my skill. Four ribbons graced my photos so my eye and craft is improving. But for these I put some of the  technical aside and held on to some of my own emotion attachments and just chose my favorites.

Enjoy! Happy New Year! Wondering what we’ll be capturing together in a new year.

COB – Curious Placement



Found this clothespin at the beginning of an often walked trail, I use for my test photo to set up for my hike. It always gets my curiosity going. How long has it been here? Did it mark a discovery trail once? Maybe it held clues to a treasure hunt. How many other hikers discover this out of place clothes pin and leave it unmolested? Guess I’ll never know.

Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge