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Is it a Bee? or a Wasp or a Fly?


Is it a Wasp-

Look, Its a …

I don’t really know my way around insect identification since plants were more of a fascination to me growing up. But the wonder of creation has always been my fascination and once you embrace a camera, wonder expands.

I captured this fly, or is it a bee, or maybe a wasp, on Rattlesnake Master at the end of July. Its full of wonder. The prairie in full bloom is a array of wonder. I’m inclined to think its a fly. Eventually I’ll sort it all out, but until then I can behold it’s wonder.

Another Friday Friends and Floral


A Wasp of Texture

Mason Wasp

This weeks WPC is Texture. Texture overload is built into this little creation, not to mention the variations provided by the Rattlesnake Master Flower its pollinating. Each segment comes with it’s own sensory appeal. Click for the fuller view!

From the Macro Box



Nikkor 85mm macro, ISO 500, f16, 1/15 sec, Tripod

I randomly collect little things, like a child never grown up, and deposit them into what I call my Macro Box. They sit there waiting for the day I don’t want to go outside. Today was that kind of day. This flower top is just such a thing. It might belong to the sunflower family but I’m not familiar with it. Up close it looks like maybe it comes from an Arizona desert rather from the edge of an Ohio farm field.