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Hiking Buddy – A Perfect Match


Any hike, on any day, with one of my grand kids is a perfect match.


Library Partners

The WordPress weekly Photo Challenge has us looking for photos that express dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/partners/. We’ve had two of our grandchildren in for a week and part of our fun was to go to our local library. My wife partnered up to play with the educational toys in the children’s section. Our local libraries make great community partners for a variety of ways. Books, research, education, project planning and self improvement. And that just opens the first chapter on these local resources.


Worth the Waiting…

… and the spoiling has begun.


Fearfully and wonderfully made Every good and perfect gift comes from above

My routine has been interrupted. For a while I’m on full-time grandparent duty, chasing a toddler, washing dishes, cleaning house, just making sure everything is right for this little gal and her family. The rewards are obvious and worth any interruptions. And, I have another little hiking buddy to keep me going in my future. 🙂