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Friday Phlox

A spring favorite, ground phlox lays a carpet of delicate spring beauty. I grabbed a few close ups off the front porch, adding a new appreciation worthy of a second look.

I do wonder what the neighbors think when they drive by and I’m scrunched up at ground level with a camera’s nose in the flowers.

CFFC Blue and Purple Flowers

Looking back through last year’s spring, summer and fall flowers, I found these unused gems to meet Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

for this week. Some of these photos are the earliest pictures I took after receiving a camera last spring. It is kind of fun to go back and see how I started out.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Red

Responding to Cee’s latest Foto Challenge series based on flowers, here are my entries for the color red. I’ve found the color red to be either hard to shoot or not as readily available as other flower colors. Red is not featured in our garden and minimally makes it presence in wildflowers, at least when I was pressing the shutter button.

Probably my last post for the year, so red makes for a festive exit. Blessing to you all in the new year.

Floral Friday – The last of Fresh Flowers

According to the weather forecast, lingering flowers will not be surviving the weekend. I snapped these quickly in a free moment last night. Like the butterflies preceding them, these flowers will soon fade. The upside, fall colors peak beginning this weekend in Holmes County Ohio. I’ll be enjoying the daily commute. Enjoy the last fresh flower flourish. From here on out these images will be the memories of a season past.

Macro Monday – Its a Bud’s Life

These Zinnia buds captivated my attention. Unique in each stage with unfolding detail they presented an interesting gallery for Macro Monday. Enjoy, thanks for Visiting.

Macro Monday – Beauty Hides

Sometimest the Beauty Hides in the  FlowersGarden blooms seem affected by all of the rains, but lurking within hides a special beauty of creation. It seems to be specially suited to blend in with the garden Phlox. If not for taking a closer look, it would be contentedly unnoticed assuming its role in creation’s drama.