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A Floral Friday Now and Then

I was fortunate enough to find this Yarrow (I think) flowering last weekend. A nice find for Mid November. Below, six months ago, (or six months from now) I was learning how to use my new camera and was experimenting with this Cinquefoil. Enjoy the flowers and have a wonderful Friday. God Bless.1-DSC_00211-DSC_0001



What is there to take pictures of on the trail. I enjoy hiking the trail this time of year and my camera journals my treks. But this is the grey season, so my eye is being put to the test along with my months old photography skill.

I decided to slip on the 20mm macro ring Saturday and see what I could create with the lens. Or in the case of the Sumac berries I snapped, what I found.

Fall Floral

I stopped at the Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve last weekend and picked up these fall floral arrangements. Each season has its own beauty. Hopefully i captured a little here. This was a new trail to me and so I have no idea what these dried fancies are. Perhaps they are some of the rare flowers present in the bog. I’ll need to take a warm weather trek to find out next spring summer.