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School is almost out. Maybe I’ll catch up on some of my intended posts. My Friday Friends have suffered of late. Here’s a friend with a song; always a good thing when life gets busy. Positive identity unknown. Sparrow will have to do for now.



Hi There!


Morning Dove in my reclaimed cracked bird bath feeder

Its been awhile. I’m just getting my computer and internet back after an undetected virus shut me down. A lot has happened. I’m not sure if I’ll catch up or just step into a new flow. I feel like I’m starting a new journal…hope you’ll join me my new wanderings, you never know what I’ll find.

Yellow Warbler

This Yellow Warbler gave me a pleasant surprise a a recent hike. With out a tripod or vibration reduction I can only hope good technique will produce a respectable shot. A storm was rolling in and darkness setting in; so despite it all,  I felt pretty good about these two shots. A beginning of sorts