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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Flow Art

Time to return to normal…probably sometime next week. Maybe I can ease back to normal. Most of my photos are taken while on my local hikes. During the holidays I hiked with family and focused on the conversation and relationships with my sons and grandson; intentionally leaving my camera at home.

My youngest son made his yearly migration home from his participation as an entertainer in the renaissance fair community. When  not spinning a tale with his wit and charm he pursues the “Flow Arts.” Spinning  fire in a variety of forms captures his passion . Each year we get a family demonstration of the latest addition to his spinning portfolio.

We decided to create a little art together in the basement one evening . He spins LED light Poi. I played with the camera settings, learned some new tricks and produced these images of light. And, we brought our worlds together.

Here is a sampling of my holiday photos. Cee’s Oddball Photo challenge seemed to be the appropriate place to show of our unique photo project.