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What is there to take pictures of on the trail. I enjoy hiking the trail this time of year and my camera journals my treks. But this is the grey season, so my eye is being put to the test along with my months old photography skill.

I decided to slip on the 20mm macro ring Saturday and see what I could create with the lens. Or in the case of the Sumac berries I snapped, what I found.

Up Close Floaters

Milkweed pods and seeds seem to be natures unlikely fine art. Rather awkward and ugly through the summer, it produces rather intricate fine lines and curves in becoming a floating dispersal system. A creator’s unending creative display.

He does great things past finding out, Yes, wonders without number. Job 9:10

Larch Cones Ants and Aphids

As I focused in on a branch of Larch Cones, I began to notice a lot of ant activity. I had  just walked by an ant mound an figured they had an interest in these trees. It wasn’t until I played with a 1:1 ratio (my way of gauging picture quality) crop that I realized the ants were milking black aphids. The Aphids looked like bark to me. So here you have my severely cropped macros and the Larch cones too. Just goes to show that when you stop and look awhile you never know what nature will reveal to you.

Macro Monarch

Perfect by design, so orderly, such fine lines, totally functional and beautiful!

Macro Monday – Monday Milkweed

My last summer Monday. One more hike and bike ride. A few more pictures will be taken then its back to school for me. More importantly, I go back to aid in giving sight to the blind, communicating the light my eyes receive to those who cannot receive light. I looki for new angles and better use of light taking snap shots  along the way. In school I’ll be looking for new words to give color and impressions for meaning to a boy and his blind teacher who do not see.. I’m privileged to be able to enable them to see, they in return show to me that there is much more to life than sight.

I’m also blessed in life to be entrusted with the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ who came to give us light in a world of spiritual darkness.

Enjoy the images, I trust you are as blessed with light in your life.

Monday Morning Macro Hike

I set off to take a morning hike before the heat took over the day. My intent was to find Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar or Chrysalis. I did find two caterpillars and a nice collection of other shots of interest.

My hike was in the reclamation area of the Norma Johnson Center.

Morning temperature 73F, clear skies, slight breeze, light dew. Time 8:30 to 9:30