The Screech Family

In route to visit my daughter’s family in Indiana, a text came from my daughter letting us know that an owl family was living next door and that the kids would be more than happy to introduce you to us.

Many years ago, as part of a graduate internship program, I cared for an injured great horned owl. Owls have since  occupied a special interest to me. So I delighted to have my grand kids enjoy my pleasure and introduce me to the neighbors.

My Friday Friends this week are these special neighbors.

5 thoughts on “The Screech Family

  1. Mic.

    Great set of photographs, Bill! We miss the owls. When we moved here there were Barred Owls all along our ravine. We would rarely hear Screech Owls, usually in the middle of the night, and Great Horned in mid-winter, far away to the east. The few Barred Owls we hear now are in our north woods toward the camp. Nice to see these…

      1. Mic.

        I had the same response from them. We also used to enjoy listening to the young ones hiss to keep track of each other after dark.

  2. tippysmom2

    Love your owl photos and the fact that your grandchildren have a fascination with nature too. The pictures reminded me of a family of owls that spend the day in the woods in front of our house one day. There were 3 babies. The mom and two of them were trying to sleep the day away, but one of them was having nothing to do with that. It would jump up on the back of it’s siblings and then it’s mom. She would get tired of it and move to a higher limb. That would work for about 30 minutes, then it started all over again. It was so fun to watch and know that “there’s one in every family.” As it turned dusk, the mom got the babies on some lower limbs and they practiced flying. It was such a nice day of owl watching.


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