Desert Flowers and Friends

It’s been a long winter and it keeps hanging around. With a son in Phoenix over spring break, we packed our bags, grabbed the camera and got out of the house headed for Arizona. It’s been a dream trip for my wife and I and it did not disappoint. Each stop was a highlight.

One of those highlight visits took us to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. Truly a delight filled with unique plants and landscapes. We could have spent much more time there.

Finally getting my camera out of the bag after a pretty unused winter, I get to share with you something new to me. The butterfly exhibit was quite enchanting and we were excited to see cactus just beginning to bloom. The time to share spring Flowers and Friends has begun.


6 thoughts on “Desert Flowers and Friends

  1. sandyjwhite

    My husband and I visited the Desert Botanical Gardens a number of years ago. We found it fascinating…so very different from the landscapes of the Midwest.

  2. Thomas

    That butterfly pic is splendid (So far this year I have only seen Small Tortoiseshells here in Lynn, but later in the year there may be other butterflies if I can catch them on camera). 🙂


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