As Requested

As requested by fellow blogger mdhoffmann, here is the color rendition of my post from Jan. 8th, Camping Glow. I like both renditions but chose initially to go with the B&W, it just seemed to highlight more of the texture of the moment. Any thoughts are appreciated.


Summer Light

Summer Light


4 thoughts on “As Requested

  1. ellie894

    Both are quite beautiful. When you take the colors away my eye plays with the shapes differently. I see some sort of horse or dragon looking behind himself, his head nearly invisible. Well done 😊

  2. Arati

    I like both images and the sensory experience of them is very different. I like the deep richness in the color version and find there more of a sense of movement, perhaps from the variation and detail in the colors being more visible? Thank you for posting both.


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