Scavenger Hunt

I participated in a year long scavenger hunt with the Nature Photo Club of the Wilderness Center, Wilmot Ohio. There were 15 captures on the list. You could submit all that you could but the idea was not to just grab record photos. Captures were to be “use the principles of  good photography that capture viewers attention.” The only photo I did not have was of a night sky.

The irony of it all for me was that I was unable to attend the meeting to see everybody’s selection. So instead you get to have a peek at my collection from the natural world as a part of this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge – Peek

Photo captions reveal the scavenger hunt topic challenge. A click on any photo for a slide show.


34 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt

  1. Tina Schell

    These are truly wonderful! I hate it when I miss the review to see others’ efforts and to see their reaction to mine :-). I’m headed out right now to do exactly that !

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  3. Olga

    Pleased to have come upon your wonderful photography. Very skillful captures of some of the wonders of nature. A beautiful peek into your hiking environment. ❤

  4. Arati

    I like the idea of this ‘scavenger hunt, and the photographs you took a lot. I find your images captivating and inspiring. A joyous connection to nature.
    The light on the owl, in its eye, on its beak and on the branch seem like a perfect, frozen moment in time.
    The composition, colors, choice of focus in the mushrooms with their glistening texture is wonderful. A sense of them reflecting each other.
    And the turtle! It appears ancient as it emerges from the earth with sprinkles of her greenness.
    I delight in you having posted these photos. Thank you


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