Wildflower Fest – Hepatica

While pleased to find the early blooming Bloodroot from yesterday’s post, I was quite excited to find these Hepatica growing close by. I was prostate, head down hill on this good earth when I found them to get my shots. I couple of other hikers passed me by while in this earth bound position and told me they were quite relieved to see me move and stand up. This all ended up in a little mother earth nature lesson. Amazing to me how people just pass on by never seeing what is really on this earth along the trail.

I do wonder if they would have left me if I really wasn’t moving?

Hepatica is named for the 3 lobed (like our liver) basil leaf which I do not show. Lying down hill has some mobility limits.

Earth is this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge of the week. Check out the other entries.

18 thoughts on “Wildflower Fest – Hepatica

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  2. mdhoffmannphoto

    I totally agree that most folks tend to pass by lots of beautiful interesting stuff. It’s probably b/c we photographers/artists are purposely more keenly aware and interested in discovering ‘hidden images” with which to share with others. I recently went for a walk in my neighbor hood and discovered all sorts of beautiful crocuses in people’s front gardens. I later wondered what people must have thought if they saw this old guy in their garden, taking closeups of crocuses with his cell phone. At least they didn’t call the cops. haha!

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  4. Camie

    Lovely shots! I know I’ve become a lot more aware of the ground at my feet and my surroundings now that I have my camera in hand nearly everywhere I go. I’m always looking at things with more of a critical and appreciative eye. I’m sure they would’ve helped you since they made that comment.


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