Wildflower Fest – Surprise

Trout Lillies are always a pleasant surprise. They come and go so quickly. There is an added surprise to if you wish to spot it. The flower takes its common name from its spotted leaves like a speckled trout, not from its yellow flower. Justice for the trout, but maybe not so fair for the Lilly.

WPC – Surprise. Everyone likes a pleasant surprise, check them out.

16 thoughts on “Wildflower Fest – Surprise

  1. AmyRose🌹

    My lilies are just now beginning to come up. If my memory serves me right they are orange. I don’t think I’ve seen yellow lilies like this, but yet, I don’t have my garden brain fully up and running. Loved you photos! Thank you! ❤

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  3. Maggie

    Trout lilies are always a treat to see.. I am likely going to miss them this year, I won’t be home from Mexico until May.. Thanks for sharing your photos,

  4. tippysmom2

    I love the Trout Lilies. You have inspired me to go see if mine are blooming yet. I have a huge colony of them on my property, but sometimes I miss them when they bloom as they are at the bottom of a huge hill that I don’t tread very often.


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