Faithful Pair

This pair of Bald Eagles has been faithfully using this nest for several years. Perhaps their success accounts for several nesting spots up and down the Tuscarawas River, Tuscarawas County Ohio. I usually will see a few from our house in New Philadelphia flying over the river each year.

I’ve known of this nest a little further south for awhile and finally had the opportunity under the right conditions to stop in and get a few shots. There were a dozen or so photographers set up. Their lenses could have swallowed mine and not even burped, but I found a hole through the spring tree canopy and came away with a few nice captures.

I hope you enjoy my Friday Friends.

A click on the image will enlarge the photos. Shot with Nikon D5200, Nikkor 55-300mm, f5.6, ISO 400, handheld.


29 thoughts on “Faithful Pair

  1. tippysmom2

    You did great. I bet those big lenses didn’t do any better than yours! After all, you were probably able to maneuver a little better to get the perfect angle. I must say, the the interstate and McDonalds seemed a little out of place to me. I guess I think of the bald eagle as being so free and “wild.” Being that close to a bustling interstate just feels “wrong” to me.

    1. the Ordinary Hiker Post author

      After duty change I followed it down river a bit. Then the golden arches appeared. Haha. As the eagle flies it’s close, but otherwise it’s a long twisted route away.

  2. mdhoffmannphoto

    Fantastic Photos! I hope to get some eagle shots in the near future. I like your captions. I recently final got a nice telephoto zoom equivalent 28-280 for my new camera mirrorless Lumix G85. So I’m just starting to get some nice bird images.

    1. the Ordinary Hiker Post author

      Thank you and have some great fun shooting. Those great shots I see everyone take come with a lot of effort I’m finding 🙂 the fun of it all. Every missed shot drives me back out to try again.

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