School House Orb Weaver

“That’s a sewing spider”, one of the Amish boys in my classroom told me. Then he told another boy, “It can sew your fingers together!” I think an older brother has been telling some tall tales.

These large docile 0rb weaving spiders commonly answer to plain ol’ garden spider or black and yellow Orb Weaver. But I was curious about the sewing-spider tag. They weave a zig zag pattern into their webs and therefor have earned a nickname of “sewing machine spider”.


13 thoughts on “School House Orb Weaver

  1. Nature on the Edge

    Lovely shots of an inspirational spider species – their web construction are magnificent creations. I hadn’t heard their nickname ‘sewing machine’ spider – very apt. I learned the term for that zigzag pattern through a blogger living in Japan who is drawn to web styles – as ‘stabilimentum’ or ‘stabilimenta’ (pl). We get the golden orb species here in the Cape and their webs are like cast nets – huge! Here’s an interesting link –


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