Sentimental Journey

A former member of my staff as a camp director wanted to bring me back home and walk the camp property again. Seems he and others think I’ve been away too long. This century plus barn evokes an emotional swell.

It once served as a stable and I rode a horse from its stable for the first time as a camper here. Later, I would saddle horses and lead trails from its yard. Once, during a passing storm, it once provided a sturdy shelter; an experience in itself to a eleven year old camper. Volunteer friends who helped shore up the foundation, replace the tin, replace a beam; their memories flood my mind.

As the director I replaced it with a modern new stable and arena. It was not as appreciated by those who followed me and soon it must come down…its served its time, time for its timbers to hold their stories and share there hidden beauty in a new secure place.


Its time is past…



5 thoughts on “Sentimental Journey

  1. tippysmom2

    Again, you are living my ideal life – old barns and houses are another one of the things I really love to see, even though old barns that are falling down make me a little sad.


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