Wordless Wednesday

WPC – Admiration


17 thoughts on “Admiration

      1. Eliza Waters

        And just like us they are so busy, they barely can absorb the moment before it is gone. And the cycle goes on… πŸ™‚ At least we get a second chance with grandkids! ❀

      2. the Ordinary Hiker Post author

        My mother was a big gardener. I remember when my daughter put in her own flower garden to be like grandma. So yes, its our second chance and shows just how important our roles are and the impact we have.

    1. the Ordinary Hiker Post author

      You’ll need to rig up a roto-tiller to it then. Makes me think that we got our kids garden tools for children, now our grandchildren our tooting those same tools out to help me


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