Dogwood Days Full Bloom

A Dogwood tree will never grow on your lot I was told when we built our new  home a couple of years ago. So, being a little bit contrarian, I rescued a Cherokee Red Dogwood from Lowes Garden Center for $7 after gardening season. You do not plant Dogwoods in the fall and expect them to survive the winter, especially in a high wind zone. But I did. It was pretty scruffy looking last year but this year the nurturing is blooming dividends.

From earlier this spring.



16 thoughts on “Dogwood Days Full Bloom

    1. the Ordinary Hiker Post author

      Thank you, you are very kind with your comment. If it’s a gift it must be used, to used it must be practiced, to be practiced it must be studied and so I am rewarded. One simple day at a time.

  1. dunelight

    I love Dogwood. I planted a Kousa…I thought the spot was shady enough..but it was not..I dug it up and gave it to a friend who’s property backs a dune wood. Thank you for saving that exquisite tree. Such red!


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