Wildflower Friday

An early Spring wildflower, I see it along many roadsides and woodland edges. At first glance it may be passed off as a bunch of dandelions. If your a lawn purist its a weed. If your an native purist its invasive. If your into homeopathic remedies it a herb. If you like flowers it has beauty.


13 thoughts on “Coltsfoot

  1. Rantasalot

    These coltsfeet are normally our first flowers in spring. I love them, like small suns. The finnish name is leskenlehti, a widow’s leaf, and I don’t know why. Have a sunny weekend!

    1. the Ordinary Hiker Post author

      I took these last week about 2 hours south. Here in North East Ohio the show is just beginning and snow is in our forecast, we’ll be looking to the flowers for our sunshine!


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