And the Correct Guess Is…

If you guess shells and seashells your technically correct, but graydaysandcoffee nailed it as a Conch Shell. Here are the originals only slightly cropped.

I joined a local amateur photo association. Last night we had a photo workshop in which i participated. I focused, literally, on timed exposures and learning manual focus. Most stations were set up to shoot in a darkened room with different lighting options. For these photos, I simply placed the conch shells under an incandescent lamp and decided to try my 14mm macro extension.

You all receive my warmest congratulations.

8 thoughts on “And the Correct Guess Is…

  1. graydaysandcoffee

    Wonderful shots. We have one of those shells, that’s probably why I got it right! I’ve never photographed it before. Your photos are inspiring!

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