Making a Champion Takes Time


I could not be more proud today. My blind student became a champion on his own merit. He survived 16 rounds and won the school Spelling Bee.

He’s a great speller. But under pressure the last two years he’s exited in the first round. He is not like other students, braille uses contractions. He does his usual school work in virtually another lanquage. There is no visual picture to keep in his mind, and English is his second lanquage. He is Amish.

But he has much wanted to do something that he could claim to be a his own victory. He hits softballs off the tee and dreams if being a ball player, but… He shoots foul shots with me, making 33 in one 20 minute period, but how can he be considered one of the best basketball players?  And then comes the spelling bee, a place he can certainly earn his niche as a champion. If he can control his excitment, be calm and start slowly he can compete, and this time he did.

I wish you could gage his excitment when he realized he had won. Suddenly, he had this Tigger like moment with the exclamation, “I WON,…I DID IT.” Putting the time in to reap an earned reward is such a sweet victory!

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10 thoughts on “Making a Champion Takes Time

    1. the Ordinary Hiker Post author

      Wow, that’s awesome! You have been blessed and a blessing. I work with a blind teacher was has her masters degree all because her parents enabled her. They can do wonderful things.


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