Monthly Archives: December 2015

Cee’s Black and White Challenge – Faraway

I’ve not done much with Black and white Photos, although that is what I first learned to do with film many years ago. I appreciate those who make this a form of art. When you look at monochrome your left to fill in the detail making it engaging and personal.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge offers me an opportunity to stretch my photography skill. So here is my first entry for the challenge. The challenge theme is faraway.


Dew Drops and December Drops

Looking back six months (or forward if you prefer) I found these Touch-Me-Nots dew laden. Without snow, I currently am finding rain drops weighing down the remaining foliage of the Knockout Roses.

I found this to be a tween season for spring and summer flowers here in Ohio, I do not have a lot of flowers in my archive for this time. I expected to be taking frost, ice and snow photos right now but in the ebb and flow of weather cycles, this is a warm winter so far filled with rain and fog.