Chatter Gathering


Each evening as we arrive home from work, we are greeted by roosting crows. They chatter incessantly, darken the already seasonally gray sky, and make a mess of things. I wonder what brought them here this year? I suspect the land fill a few miles away becomes a day time feeding trough and our wood ridge a stopping point  on the to a more protected evening roost. Until this year I have never seen such a gathering.

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8 thoughts on “Chatter Gathering

  1. Eliza Waters

    A ‘murder of crows’ – some family flocks join others in winter and form mega-flocks. Along the CT river near where we live, the trees fill with roosting crows every evening and Audubon has field trips to view them. It must be very loud for you!

      1. makingcamp Post author

        Very helpful article. I think I’m seeing the gathering at dusk before they move to their final overnight spot. All part of a curious world to enjoy! Thank you.

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