Weekly Photo Challenge – From All Angles

My wife’s 1st grade class room yearly collects monarch caterpillars and successfully release them. Since she teaches rural Amish children there are usually quite a few. One boy found these Saddleback Moth caterpillars and brought them in. They only stung his mom twice he said. Now we we are caterpillar sitting over the weekend

This caterpillar belongs to the slug moth family. Its spiny hairs contain venom. Even the cocoon is potentially irritating. I did remove it from its jar for this photo shoot, but they are staying in the jar until release time comes..

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – From All Angles

  1. Neha Jain

    Wow this caterpillar is so adorable! Too bad it is venomous, it looks like one of those cute toys! Btw Cheers to your wife. I have so much respect for all our Teachers such a noble profession!


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